Jul 30, 2015

because I'm bored, so I take a Q&A session from tumblr

I took the questions from here. I did it and post it on my tumblr too, because I'm bored.
A. Why did your last relationship end?
B. Favourite band?
C. Does someone like you?
D. Sleep position?
E. Who is your best friend?
F. Do you have an online best friend as well?
G. What kind of job do you have?
H. Do I smoke/drink?
I. Have any tattoos or piercings?
J. Are you currently in school?
K. What is your relationship with your parents?
L. Do you have insecurities? If so, name one.
M. Are you a virgin? 
N. Favourite place to shop at?
O. What are the color of your eyes? 
P. What do you love about summer?
Q. What is your relationship status?
R. Favourite song at the moment?
S. Are you often mistaken to be older or younger?
T. What age do you get mistaken for?
U. Are you going out of town anytime soon?
V. When was the last time you cried?
W. Have you ever fallen up the stairs?
X. What would you do if the person you like died?
Y. Last time you where in the hospital? 
Z. How are you? 
answer: because I had nothing to do atm
A. Long Distance Relationship
B. 30 Seconds To Mars (well, the first band and no kpop)
C. I guess…?
D. Facing someone/something like wall, no matter to the left or right
E. My sister 
F. Yep, not only from tumblr
G. IT officer
H. Definitely not.
I. Piercings on ears
J. Nope. Graduate 2 years ago
K. Parents and Children? Daughter?
L. Being in a crowded place
M. Depends on how you think
N. Bookstore. I love shopping for books.
O. Dark chocolate
P. The drinks that only available and suits for summer
Q. In a Relationship 
R. Zion T - Eat
S. Older
T. 25 something? 
U. Tomorrow. Gonna watch a concert.
V. Three days ago? bcs of too much laughing
W. Yes. Too often.  I’m that clumsy ;-;
X. Cry…. and pray for the best of him/her
Y. Last week. Visit someone tho~
Z. Not good. Guess who catch a cold in summer?

So, any curious thing that you like to ask?