Mar 15, 2015

people who are meant to be in my life ; and one of them is her.

I might have already told about one of my girls, my best girls in here. Yesterday, I found the quote above on my tumblr dashboard. And I was like: wow, this is so true.

Among all crazy, random and stupidness things stories etc etc that we've been through since high school (read as: 9 years ago) sadly or maybe luckily (because I didn't have a heart to share our goofiness) I only had one blog entry about our random thing, the old one. You can read again by click on this link. And I'm truly sorry for the way I write for the blog and for our selfie at that time. Well, 9 years ago! :))

People around her called her by her nickname like Nino or Karina/Kar etc etc. But I don't exactly remember when... It's her that started first that we called by our own nickname. No, I'm not going to tell you. ^^ And so, we rarely or never call by our own name. She did call me Tannya or Tania a couple weeks ago for fun and it sounds weird. Awkward. :))

We're a chairmate since the first day of hi-school 'til we're graduate. Yep, we stayed in the same class for three years. All bad and good things we've been through. Including our love-life part. Oh, don't forget that we're in a Student Council (OSIS) too. The bittersweet stories that we had during high-school not only one or two, but a lot. Not to mention that we're a seat-mate at the bus too everytime the school held a field-trip. :))

We're living in a different world. Let's say that she's in a grade A and I'm in B, or C. She's the smart one, and I'm the one that need some help. She joined a Dance Group as her school activity, and I prefer the English Club. She's the artsy one, the artist and I'm the behind the scene one. She's the popular one, and I'm the-not-so-called-geek-because-I'm-not. And I just realized now... I'm hoping that people/our friends back in hi-school didn't see us in a weird way. Because of our different personalities, appearences, etc etc. But yeah, that's us.  We share the same music interest, the list of the person that we (must) hate (just bcs we feel like it), the stupidity thing that only the two of us know. Now it sounded like we're a couple... :))

Then, another new chapter started when we graduate from hi-school. I stay in the same place, going to college and meet new friends. She moves to another town, her hometown, going to college and meet her new friends too. As far as I remember... we didn't even say goodbye because everything happen so fast. But, whats the use of goodbye if we'll meet again? ;)

The first year of college life means busy as hell. Well, we still got some time to play but still... I even almost forgot that we're not in the same town anymore, and sometimes we talked via social-media or texts. After some months... or on our second year of college, finally we meet again. That's a pretty long time. Even the awkwardness is thick but not really thick. The things that we talk about are different too. Sometimes we still talk about boys, a love-life but then mostly we talk about our college life, what makes us stress and crazzzy from the major that we choose and sometimes about the future, about our friends. Ah, I just remember that we went to 30Seconds To Mars concert together! :))

Well for now, sometimes we talk about... are we in a proper age to get married? Why do they (our friends) get married so fast? Aren't we still too young? hahahaha! 

Another new chapter has started into our life since last year. Well, we finally graduate from college and got our title to put behind our name. And we work in the same town right now~ It's not that we could meet up everyday tho'... Because of the time, traffic etc etc. But we used to meet once or twice in a year, for now... at least once a month. or twice or maybe thrice. :))

She, kinda meant to be in my life. (besides my family&boyf) As my bestgirl. As the one who keep coming back to me even we separate for some times, some years. As a good friend of mine that I cherish the most. It started to sound cheesy. :))

I had no idea that a stranger that sit beside me as my first chairmate going to be my friend. For... 9 years. I'm kinda hoping that nothing's going to change. Even if we had a different life, ways, thought, opinion, appearances, personalities, times, city, etc etc we're still in touch. Still being my goofy/random partner. How random is she? or How random are we? You can say her random-ness thingy lvl isn't that high just because she asked me to accompany her to buy some book at a book-store and a toothbrush... at FoodHall. or another day when she asked me if I'm busy or not because she craving for some Korean Food. I'm kinda expecting what she gonna ask me again. Being a good friend I am... I still go with her. :))


Time flies fast.
No matter how far or how long we go and separate from each other, we still meet again.


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