Jan 14, 2015

2014: surprising and grateful year.

it's funny, how I decided to hiatus from blogging for some times but I couldn't resist to blogging again. or maybe I just need again my comfort space to tell all the things that running in my mind.


(since I keep this post as draft last month)
2014, December. It's been a year since the I graduate from college, got my title so I can proudly use it behind my name. And now, I'm an office worker already. Lots of thing I learned from this year, the bad and the good thing. But the most important thing, I learn how to be grateful. 

It's not like I never be grateful before, but... just be more grateful, for everything. 
For example: I may not pretty or skinny like other girls, but I still love myself, have a happy life - meanwhile other else struggling enough to make their self to (be/look) pretty with lots of and super heavy-failed make up -_- or not having any lunch in order to be skinny~ in a bad way. For me, when you have a happy life means you enjoy your life to the fullest! And who's to judge you or tell you that you are pretty? Yourself, and the people around you. Because when you're happy that's where the Inner Beauty or The Aura inside you shining.

Another story that I feel so grateful: I'm into Kpop. I know it's kinda' are you kidding me? or where have you been, just now? Psssh~ short story, it's been a year or two actually that I'm into this one boyband and girlband, but no I'm not that krazzzy to spazzz and fangirling over them. And there's some of things that I should be grateful for this one because first, my boyfriend seems fine and still accept me for who I am even after too much fangirling~ and please note this: that he didn't feel any jealous or else. Second, I finally watched my verrrrrrrrrry first time Kpop concert with my verrry first own salary. If any of you read my Twitter around last March-June (which means the period times to feel super excited) and or any of you stalk or following me on Instagram, means you know exactly what group I am talking about. Or maybe on my Tumblr? because it's so damn obvious, lol~ and I should be so much grateful because I got a chance to the soundcheck party~ happy enough, self? No.  Me and another fans was like a krazzzzzzzzzzy girls because of that moment. and don't forget that I met a lot of new friends and they're being so nice to me and even younger than me and I feel so old around them hahahaha~~!! ;-;

Wait, you don't feel curious I went to the concert with who? All by myself~!! Even my boyfriend trust me enough~~ :))
And to added more that I had a chance in another way to make new friends because of this Kpop thing. it's not like I never made another friends before, it's just different. there's another feel~ y'know.


now I hate that I kinda stuck and don't know what to write.

since I should go back to work, gonna talk to you later, blog!