Dec 22, 2013

loving you is like food to my soul

for me everyday is a mother's day, 
and/but since 2 years ago I always write something for her in this blog.....
...eventhou' today is 23rd. already. :))

I had no idea at first,
what should I write or what should I say.
(lalu buka-buka postingan sebelum-sebelumnya)

well, hello Mom.
I know you never read my blog, so you never knew that I always write something for you here.

actually, writing or do something for you is not that easy.
maybe the thing that I do/did look easy, but it's not.

I'm a crybaby.
since 2 years ago when I write something for you, I cried.
(and now I try not cry, and it's a hard thing to do)
(and now I cry)

instead of saying Happy Mother's Day to you, I love to write it in here.
share it in here.

in the beginning of this year, you asked me about graduation thingy,
and it's completely done, alhamdulillah.
thankyou for always supporting me when I'm not in a good mood for study(for the super final exam)
for always cracking some weird joke, for taking care of me when I sick.
for always be patience when I'm too fussy and can't stop talk about anything.
all those bad words that maybe sometimes have been said, I never mean it.
being a good mom for three children is not an easy job.
there's always a good reason why you have to be so fussy sometimes.

thankyou for always taking care of my hair since I was a kid.
it's a good and one of the happiest thing that you did the hair for my graduation :))
I know that I always can count on you.

thankyou for raising me, feed me, dress me and paid for my school tuition.
I'll find my way to make you happy.
I'll find my way to make you the happiest mom in this house in the world.
I'll find my way, with or without your help.

you know I love you, I always do.
thankyou for being the most beautiful mom.
(if someday you read this part, plis jangan gr)

Tannya Cantiqa