Jan 12, 2013

we can pray for sunny weather, but that won't stop the rain~

~you're feeling like you've got no place to run,
I can be your shelter 'til it's done,
we can make this last forever,
so, please don't stop the rain.
~let it fall, let it fall~

well, 2013 already?
such a silly question. it's 12th already, bitch-_-

Happy New Year! :P
as a recap from the very 1st of January 'til today...
welcoming a heavy rain season. and the windy, too.

celebrate the New Year's? yes. with Regy and his high school bestf 
we hugged each other in the middle of rain, fireworks and people. 
and then... back to the routines. college. -_-

on 7th, was my birthday. 
and yes, thankyou for anyone who wishes through bbm/text/line/path/twitter/facebook :D
I'm 21 now, and insyaAllah will be a better person than before, aamiin :) 
and since there are some peops that I thought they're my best one, but sadly......... 
err, I don't think I need to put it in here.

ok, next!
anyway, I celebrate my birthday with a simple moment yet so fun and I felt so grateful.
bring some cakes to class, share it with my lovely classmates from 7th - 9th x)))

and the last one, my last term is coming up in a few months. 
at the end of this month there's a final 7th term exam.
I don't think I'm ready to move on... to the next term.
sshhh... am I that old? 2013? well, hello! 
and hello to y'all 2009! this should be our final year!
I know it's kinda hard. esp, with the system from college. ( ._.)

p.s: still waiting for the new year's photos :P

tannya, Hello January and other months in 2013..... Fighting!

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