Dec 24, 2012

gave me strength when I had none at all, gave me hope when I was running low, showed me how to make it through and for everything I wanna thankyou.

this one, dedicated to my mom.
I know it's too late from the date.
but for me, mother's day is everyday.

thankGod, this year we've spent a lot of good times together.
I love you, and always do.

tannya.  you were here to keep me grounded, I counted on you--you brought me home..

Dec 17, 2012

why you always flew and gone too fast, dear times?

it's December 2012 already.
the end of the year is getting closer.
and my mom already asked about the graduation-thingy.
(it's next year mom, insyaAllah)

actually, I kinda miss my childhood.
when I don't need to do any kind of homeworks, exams
when I don't need to feel the heartbreak-thing.
and all I can do just play, eat, sleep, play, laugh, play, eat, and so on..

I'm a 20 y/o lady and stuck in front of my notebook now.
to be honest, I feel bored. not almost everyday I spent my time with my notebook yah, I just feel bored y'know.
with life. with the circle of it.
with any kind that related to life.

I need something new, but what?
online shop? checked.
love life? it goes well, alhamdulillah.

and I don't think I need to make any kind of new resolution for next year.
just let it be a secret between me and Allah.

anyway, dear time..
would you please be kind and not to walk so fast next year?
I'd like to enjoy the second of it, you know, the end of the doomsday is nearer.
(no I don't know when it'll happen, but the doomsday is getting closer right?there's no way they're getting far away)

and I hope everything will be good 'til the end of this year.

tannya, if 2012'll be end soon-that means I'm gonna meet my last semester....wait..what?? :O