Nov 24, 2012

this one, dedicated to you~

it's yesterday, november 24th
when we're accidentally wore the same shirt
it's me first who had it
cause you came to class 2 hours after me

it's a super cold and windy day
it's all because the rain has just passes by

I hugged you tightly because I couldn't stand it
then, suddenly you said a funny thing
you wished for the same weather like yesterday
a cold and a windy one
so I can hug you more and more tight, in every second of it

dear love,
you don't have to wish a funny thing like that
cause you know I'll always hug you
every time I want
every time you need me
every time we shared a laughs, kisses and pains
with a warm and a tight one
like you always give to me


Tannya Cantiqa

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