Jul 9, 2012

Day 30: A Photo of What ever You Please

finallyfinallyfinallyfinallyfinallyfinally, omgomgomgomg!
last dayyyyyyyy for the challenge! >_<

sebel ngga sih liatnya? ganteng dan hot abis?
gonna off for a weeks or a month maybe from this blog.
hocus focus to Penulisan Ilmiah. :)

tannya, so long!

Jul 8, 2012

thweeeeeee daysssss with clouds, skies and sunset :P

hehehehehehe blame on this procrastinating in me

Day 27: A Photo Using The Sun As Your Lighting

Day 28: A Photo That Incorporates Motion

which one

Day 29: A Photo With Clouds


tannya, 1 day to go! :D

Jul 5, 2012

Day 26: A Photo Playing With Shadows

let's playing with the shadows! :)

tannya, yes i'm not good at playing with shadows -_-

Jul 4, 2012

from 22nd of June to the 4th of July

dikarenakan gue sempet sakit pinggang, sibuk nemenin ibu dan sempet liburan ke Bali minggu lalu maka,
.......blog ini agak tidak tersentuh. hehehehehehehe plak
tapi challenge of photography tetap gue mainin :P

Day 13: A Photo Edit That You Like

Day 14: A Photo Focusing On Eyes

Day 15: A Photo of What ever You Please

Day 16: A Photo Experimenting With Light Trails

Day 17: A Photo With Street Lights

Day 18: A Photo Depicting An Emotion

Day 19: A Photo That Involves Landscape

Day 20: A Photo of What ever You Please

Day 21: A Photo of The Sunset

Day 22: A Photo of The Person You Love

Day 23: A Photo That Makes You Think of Childhood

Day 24: A Photo That Has A Color Scheme

Day 25: A Photo of What ever You Please

thankGod, sempet ke Bali, jadi sempet foto-foto yang bisa dimasukin ke challenge :P

tannya <3