Jun 15, 2012

Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6.

okay.... too busy to meet up with this blog again :|

Day 3: A Photo of Your Favorite Place To Be

Day 4: A Photo From A High Angle

Day 5: A Photo of Whatever You Please

Day 6: A Photo From a Low Angle


blame on all the assignments and the procrastination thing! hehehe :3
so, my favorite place's my bedroom. karena ngga tega foto isi kamar yang super kaya kapal pecah maka....pintu kamarnya aja yaawh ;____; high angle? that's one of my collection from @bigmagz photoshoot 2 years ago--- whatever you please.... ini tuh maksutnya foto bebas kan yah? sotoy jadi si dinosaurus ini dapet dari hadiah beli paket makanan anak-anak di salah satu restoran hehe <3 kalo kata @regyregoy 'inget umur' ( -__-) low angle? itu udah termasuk low angle belum sih? hehe :3 actors and dancers from The LXD.

tannya, hehe :3

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