Jun 21, 2012

Day 12: A Photo Experimenting With Bokeh

it's quite funny, 'cause i never took a photo with bokeh in it.
cause i know it's not an easy thing for me to do and also,
i dont have any qualified camera to produce it. :3
so, since i've to continue this challenge (hehe) and the only photo i found just my page's background ( -_-) is that, ok? cause i made it, not taken it haha--- by that, hope the challenge for today is accomplish, yay! :P

anyway, i'm kinda happy cause my final project's almost done. it means, one step closer to reach the holiday next term and meet up with new hectic things. actually, i'm not ready, but as time goes by, that-not-ready-feeling never appear in my mind. just, take it slow. like john legend said.

Tannya, hap-hap-hap-so-long-procratsinating-for-a-while! 

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