Dec 22, 2011


She used to be my only enemy and never let me free
Catching me in places that I know I shouldn't be
Ever other day I crossed the line, I didn't mean to be so bad
I never thought you would become the friend I never had
Back then I didn't know why, why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes, all that you did was love

(mama-spice girls)

Walau tak dapat selalu ku ungkapkan
Kata cintaku 'tuk mama
Namun dengarlah hatiku berkata
Sungguh kusayang padamu mama

(cinta untuk mama -kenny)

There isn't anything
Or anyone that I could be
And it just wouldn't feel right
If I didn't have you by my side

(a song for mama -boyzIImen)


dear ibu,
you're the greatest woman in this world i've ever known.
you're the strongest, the most beautiful
and the best one i ever had. 

you thought me to be strong,
cause you know i'm weak.

just like valentine's day,
every single day is a mother's day.
and i'm proud for having you as mine.

tannya, thankyou ibu - i love you forever & always :)

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